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Sustainability Made Sexy! Marci Zaroff, Eco Fashionesta & Chip Comins, AREDAY Join Diana Dehm on Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio

Get ready today we are about experience the nexus between high fashion and sustainability – we are bringing on the “sexy” with sustainability.

Join Diana Dehm for a intriguing conversation with Marci Zaroff, Marci is an ECOfashion pioneer & leading authority in sustainable textiles; She’s President of Portico Brands & Founder of Under the Canopy; and she most recently Produced the film documentary “Thread” unveiling the human & planetary impacts of the fashion industry. www.MarciZaroff.com

Marci actually coined the term and pioneered the market for “ECOfashion”, and is an internationally-recognized ECOlifestyle entrepreneur, educator and expert. Marci has been instrumental in driving authenticity, environmental leadership & social justice worldwide for over two decades.

Chip Comins, CEO of the AREDAY Summit and AREI joins us again with an update of what to expect at AREDAY 11 – find out who will be at the table making the great transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

www.snetoday.com; www.areday.com

Renewable Energy, A US Military Security Solution on Sustainablity News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm

carbon war room  NAVY  Center for Sustainable Energy  White House

Renewable Energy, A US Military Security Solution – Join Diana Dehm for a fascinating conversation with Ann Davlin, of Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room;  Retired Rear Admiral Len Hering, deployment of renewable energy for the US Navy – Today he is the Executive Director of the California Center for Sustainable Energy; and Capt. Jim Goudreau, of the US Navy, Director of Policy and Partnerships, from the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy; and Johnathan Powers, former appointee by President Obama to serve as the Administration’s Federal Environmental Executive, Special Advisor on Energy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, and as the Chief Operating Officer at the Truman National Security Project – uniting next-generation veteran, Director for Bloom Energy.

Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm – www.snetoday.com