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SOLAR – Let It Shine: The 6000-Year Story of Solar Energy.

Let it shine  AREDay new logo

Join Diana Dehm when she has a conversation with John Perlin, Author of Let It Shine and Chip Comins, Founder of AREI/AREDAY on the history and the power of Solar Energy Today!

We hear a lot about renewable energy, climate solutions, living off the grid, and making money in clean technology, in the news today – and yes many of us see that we are faced with a healthy opportunity for the nation and for the world economically…as we make move through this innovation learning curve and make the great transition from fossil fuels to clean energy…why are we doing that?

Sustainability News & Entertainment with Diana Dehm

Renewable Energy, A US Military Security Solution on Sustainablity News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm

carbon war room  NAVY  Center for Sustainable Energy  White House

Renewable Energy, A US Military Security Solution – Join Diana Dehm for a fascinating conversation with Ann Davlin, of Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room;  Retired Rear Admiral Len Hering, deployment of renewable energy for the US Navy – Today he is the Executive Director of the California Center for Sustainable Energy; and Capt. Jim Goudreau, of the US Navy, Director of Policy and Partnerships, from the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy; and Johnathan Powers, former appointee by President Obama to serve as the Administration’s Federal Environmental Executive, Special Advisor on Energy in the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army, and as the Chief Operating Officer at the Truman National Security Project – uniting next-generation veteran, Director for Bloom Energy.

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Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Former Managing Director of Royal Dutch Shell talks Responsible Leadership, Sustainability & Ethics in the Oil Industry on Sustainability News & Entertainment with Diana Dehm

Join Diana Dehm for a one of a kind, fascinating conversation with Former Managing Director of Royal Dutch Shell, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart; where we learn together about his own personal story of being a postgraduate geologist to being at the helm of two of the largest corporations in the world Royal Dutch Shell & Anglo.  

Diana dives into questions like; “How do we make the great transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy?”; “Why he feels corporate sustainability & ethical leadership in the oil and mining industries, and other large businesses, globally, can unlock the door to collective solutions and approaches in developing our sustainable planet?”; “How we can eradicate poverty & corruption through responsible leadership?”. The nexus between oil and corporate sustainability and ethical leadership, subjects one may have never thought would come together, they do in his new book.

Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm

AREDAY Live from Las Vegas at Formula-E Car Debuts “It’s Electric”


“The Great Transition to Renewable Energy – What’s it gonna take America?”

Join Diana Dehm for a fascinating “roadmap” conversation with AREDAY & American Renewable Energy Institute (ARE-I) Executives, Founder & Chairman Chip Comins & Michael Bowman, Board of Director Member of AREDAY, and founding member of the Sustainable Bio-Diesel Alliance and National Steering Committee Member of 25×25 = 25% Renewable Energy use across US by 2025. Chip and Michael share ground-breaking recommendations for our future when it comes to deployment of renewable energy and clean tech across the nation and around the world.

Listen in as Diana goes “Live from Las Vegas” with Chip Comins & Michael Bowman at the Formula-E Car Debut.  The Formula-E is a first of its kind Spark-Renault SRT 01E Formula E car. Get ready America as we make the make the great transition to electric car racing and renewable energy/clean technology!  The car reaches speeds of more than 150 miles per hour and has a zero-to-60 time of less than 3 seconds, and it barely makes a sound!  F1 driver Lucas di Grassi burned some serious rubber, without a trace of exhaust! 

A “Formula for the Future” & a vehicle sending a strong fun message of what we can do if we get innovative, sexy, creative….and sustainable”.  Weaving economics, positive human impact & capacity, while lowering our environmental footprint.

Start your engines…electric engines that is!

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Sustainability in POLITICS, 2013 Political Candidates in The City of Los Angeles Speak Up!

          David Nahai                            Eric Garcetti                         Mike Feuer

Sustainability in POLITICS? Voting Responsibly for our Planet and our next generation? How the City of Angels (Los Angeles) 2013 candidates are integrating “Sustainability Actions” into their city, and aiming to become one of the most sustainable cities on the planet…who’s on board during this election year for economic recovery, positive human impact, and lowering our environmental impact for our next generation?

Political Views on Sustainability? We want to hear sustainability views from all of our 2013 Political Candidates across the Nation…What’s your Sustainable Solution for the Planet? We invite you to join us 714.300.8836.

Find all the answers as Diana holds a fascinating conversation with David Nahai, Former CEO of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power; Eric Garcetti, 2013 Mayoral Candidate for the City of Los Angeles; Mike Feuer, City Attorney Candidate for Los Angeles, 2013.

Miller Coors “Beer” & The Nature Conservancy Partnering for the Planet on Fresh Water Resources



Why would a beer company like “Miller Coors” place sustainability at the forefront of their business?  How is Miller Coors partnering with The Nature Conservancy for fresh water resources?  Find all the answers here as Diana holds a fascinating conversation with Miller Coors’ Sustainability Director, Kim Marotta & Sustainable Development Coordinator, Kelly Harris & Nature Conservancy’s Corporate Engagement Advisor, Rich Rosengren…along with the steps Miller Coors has has taken to reach ZERO WASTE to landfills. Cheers!

The Plastic Ocean Team Talks Sustainable Ocean Solutions

Plastic Oceans Team
What’s the Science?
What are the Solutions?
What’s the business case?


Bonnie Monteleone, UNCW Researcher looking at the proliferation of plastic particulates in the open ocean, participated in 6 voyages in 4 oceans

Chelsea Rochman, Toxicologist focused on the research and impact on plastics in the ocean

Doug Woodring, Ocean Recovery Alliance, Hong Kong. A non-profit organization focused on bringing innovative solutions and partnerships to positively impact the health of our oceans.

Aspen Ski Company & Protect Our Winters Making Sustainability Happen at Ski Resorts! Will we be able to ski in 2050?


Who would have thought that Ski Areas were becoming sustainable? Auden Schendler, (Named Time Magazine Global Warming Innovator of the Year, 2006) Sustainability Executive Director at Aspen Ski Company & Snowmass shares what they are doing to green their buildings, use less water & energy, and integrate a new clean energy plant powered by methane from coal mines, to support the power generation for Aspen Ski Resort!  Another brilliant solution for the planet!


Protect Our Winters (POW) – Developed by Pro Snow Boarder Jeremy Jones; Executive Director, Chris Steinkamp focuses on uniting the winter sports community and bringing awareness on climate change.  POW is the center point of the winter sports community representing 40,000+ snow sports enthusiasts, the Olympics, X-Games and major industry brands to take collective on climate change – grass roots and at the federal level. Wait till you hear about HOT PLANET COOL ATHLETES….

“Music” the Subliminal Link to Sustainable Solutions with West Coast Song Writers

Have you ever thought about the powerful message music brings to all of us?  Sustainability News & Entertainment has!  We welcomed Janis Joplin, Marvin Gaye, The Beatles, in the 60’s and 70’s – Who are today’s Eco-Musicians and Eco-Song Writers? Join us with Ian Crombie & Mark LeMon, West Coast Song Writers to learn more about how music is can help to create our sustainable planet. Join the SNAE Eco-Musicians, Eco-Song Writers Challenge and get your sound out by Tweeting us your songs at @diana_dehm_snae