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Climate Impact & Sea-Level Rise, Who’s 1st underwater and what can we do about it? Dr. Bill Cooper, UCI & Dr. Jerry Schubel, Aquarium of the Pacific Join Diana Dehm on Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio


Join Diana Dehm for a fascinating conversation with Dr. Bill Cooper, University of California & Dr. Jerry Schubel, Aquarium of the Pacific for a solutionary conversation about Sea-Level Rise & Climate Impact. Join us and learn about a roadmap for the future. How do we strategically retreat from our coastlines, adapt, think boldly, innovate & deploy disruptive thinking. What’s in it for each of us?

Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm

Diana Dehm interviews Jigar Shah, Author of “Creating Climate Wealth, Unlocking the Impact Economy”.


Join Diana Dehm when she interviews Entrepreneur & Visionary Jigar Shah of Jigar Shah Consulting; former CEO of Sir Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room & CEO/Founder of Sun Edison, one of the largest solar services companies in the world.  Learn directly about how he is obsessed with leveraging the next economy by solving the challenging issues of our time, so much so he wrote a book about it called “Creating Climate Wealth, Unlocking the Impact Economy”.

Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm (714) 300.8836

K-12 Schools & Businesses Disruptively Innovating Together…Sustainably


Join Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio as she dives into connecting the dots, while looking closely at solutions already in place that are actually creating the nexus between sustainable business and sustainable schools in support of our next generation!

Join her for a fascinating conversation with:

  • Jim McGrath, CEO of the Green Schools National Network & Conference
  • Leonard Freeke, President of Climate Neutral VeriSoda
  • Michelle Whyle, Global Head of Sustainability, 3M 

Register for the Green Schools National Conference, March 27-29, 2014 in Sacramento, CA and meet Jim, Leonard, and Michelle and many others!  Diana is excited to be 2014’s Emcee again!  So be ready for alot of learning, sharing, and Fun!

Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm (714) 300.8836

Office Depot, UL & Casbo Focus on Supporting Green Schools National Network Through Sustainable Supply Chains for Schools


Join Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment Talk Radio, for a fascinating conversation about sustainable purchasing in school across the nation, the impact, the business case, and how teachers, students and administrators are choosing to buy sustainable products and why.  

Guests include:  Jim McGrath, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Green Schools National Network and home of the Green Schools National Conference, which will be happening March 27-29 2014 in Sacramento CA.

It’s an impact-full conference where students, teachers, businesses, the government, policy makers, non profits, administrators, parents and educational leaders, come together from around the world to learn about how we are creating green schools for our next generation! Diana is excited to be the emcee for the  conference again this year. Register and join us at

Dr. Marilyn Black, will be joins us from Atlanta Georgia, she is the Founder of GREENGUARD, Senior Technical Advisor and LEED AP, Underwriters Laboratories, and she’s gives us an overview of the UL Green Guard Certification and the impact in schools.

Yalmaz Siddiqui joins us as well, Yalmaz Siddiqui is the Senior Director of Environmental Strategy at Office Depot in West Palm Beach FL, and he is also the Co-Chair of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council he gives us an update on the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, and how Office Depot is shifting towards sustainable products.


Last but not least we head to Sacramento CA meet with Tatia Davenport, she is the Deputy Executive Director / COO California Association of School Business Officials where we will learn about “Smart Business Smart Schools”, and PROP 39 in CA.

Can Sports Change the Way We Think About Saving Energy? Super Bowl Champs the Baltimore Ravens Run for the Energy Touchdown and Orioles Step Up to the Plate for Sustainability Integration

Join Sustainability News and Entertainment Host, Diana Dehm, as she talks green sports with Matt Kastel, Manager of Baseball Operations and Events for the Maryland Stadium Authority and Jeff Provenzano, Director of Facility Operations for the Camden Yards Sports Complex.

Tune in and share your thoughts!

Diana Dehm, Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio Host & Coorespondent

USGBC and Green Bronx Machine Talk Green Schools with Diana Dehm

This week’s show hones in on the importance of green schools and what the USGBC and Green Bronx Machine are doing to support the cause.

Join Diana Dehm as she discusses with Rachel Gutter of the USGBC and Stephen Ritz of the Green Bronx Machine, some exciting developments occuring in greening our nation’s schools, AND teaching up and coming genearations the importance of sustainability!

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Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News & Entertainment Talk Radio Correspondent

Seattle Mariners, US EPA and Waste Mangement Talk Sustainable Sports at the Green Sports Alliance Conference

Now, why are we talking with Baseball Stadium Managers? 

Major league sports teams are integrating sustainability
as part of their lifestyle and every day business operations…the
positive financial impact…..and fan fun…..all while lowing their
environmental footprint.

Tune in and learn from Scott Jenkins from the Seattle Mariners, Matt
Bogoshian from the US EPA and Tom Carpenter from Waste Management. as Diana Dehm interviews them at the Green
Sports Alliance in Brooklyn, New York.

US EPA and US Navy representatives Discuss Sustainable Manufacturing and Renewable Energy with Diana Dehm


Join Sustainability News and Entertainment’s host Diana Dehm in a fascinating talk about transforming America’s manufacturing and energy sectors in a sustainable fashion.

First up is Matt Bogoshian, Senior Advisor at the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution and provides advice and analysis on program and policy initiatives involving pollution prevention and sustainability at the United States EPA and for the Obama Administration.  Matt shares what his team is doing to “tune-up” America’s manufacturing center while considering the three pillars, people, planet and profit, and how helping the environment can help the economy. Additionally, Matt is helping communities to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and create more sustainable manufacturing ecosystems and shares an exciting incentive opportunity to assist communities in achieving their goals!

Next we speak with retired Rear Admiral Leendert R. “Len” Hering, who now serves as the Executive Director for the California Center for Sustainable Energy.  Len discusses the ebb and flow of renewable energy developments as well as the California Center for Sustainable Energy’s efforts to connect customer, industry, regulator, and legislators and facilitate market adoption of renewable energy and assist customers in understanding renewable energy.  

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Green Schools National Network, Keep America Beautiful, and Waste Mangement Discuss Zero Waste Programs in K-12 Schools

Join Diana Dehm, host of Sustainability News and Entertainment, along with our guests this week. We’ll be traveling around the nation to discuss one of the most important arenas in becoming a Zero Waste Nation … our K-12 schools. Join us as Diana and our guests discuss the “special sauce” when it comes to creating a Zero Waste Nation, and the extreme importance in educating our youth in becoming the next generation of environmental stewards. 

First, we head to Michigan where Jim Mcgrath discusses what it takes for schools across the nation to adopt more sustainable practices on their campuses. The Green Schools National Network provides a platform for nationwide information sharing to take place among schools the U.S. 

Next, we head to Washington D.C. to speak with Kelley Dennings, Senior Director of the recycling programs for Keep America Beautiful. Kelley discusses the successes of Keep America Beautiful, future goals set forth by the organization,  and how to incentivize recycling programs. Kelley really knows how to make zero waste concepts fun, educational, and economically beneficial! 

Last but not least, we have Byron Chafin join the show. Byron is the Director of Education for the Northern Region for Waste Management. Waste Management is the largest waste management company in the world, and they are working towards becoming a zero waste organization with a focus on design with intent. Byron discusses the importance of targeting food waste in schools by implementing compost programs, especially since 25% – 30% of a school’s waste stream comes form food waste! Waste Management has an entire program for implementing, rolling out, educating and monitoring composting programs. 

Collectively, all of these efforts are making one incredible impact when it comes to becoming a Zero Waste Nation, AND educating our youth. As Diana says, “We just need to support them, educate them, love them and get outta the way!”

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Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News and Entertainment Talk Radio Correspondent

Green Schools National Network, Honest C-Tea-O & Health Corps Talk Sustainability, Healthy Foods, and Drinks for Students

Diana Dehm, host of Sustainability News and Entertainment, discusses green schools and healthy food options with this week’s guests.

First up is Jim McGrath, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Green Schools National Network. The Green Schools National network is responsible for bringing key stakeholders together at the Green Schools National Conference. At this annual conference students, teachers, businesses, government, policy makers, non-profits, administrators, parents and educational leaders come together to learn how we are creating green schools for our next generation by educating and empowering our youth.

Following Jim is Seth Goldman, President and CTO of Honest Tea, the first organic and Fair Trade bottled tea, now owned by Coca-Cola. Seth discusses why the company is dedicated to providing sustainable beverages to school children, as well as Honest Tea’s commitment to honesty.

We wrap things up with Dr. Shawn Hayes, Chief Academic Officer and Director of Research and Education of Health Corps.  Health Corps is a non-profit that was founded by Dr. Oz in an effort to fight childhood obesity. Health Corps trains recent college graduates to facilitate wellness programs in high schools around the United States in an effort to change the wellness culture of schools. Health Corps activates and empowers students through health education so they are ready and able to tackle issues concerning health and sustainability.

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Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News and Entertainment Talk Radio Correspondent