Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Former Managing Director of Royal Dutch Shell talks Responsible Leadership, Sustainability & Ethics in the Oil Industry on Sustainability News & Entertainment with Diana Dehm

Join Diana Dehm for a one of a kind, fascinating conversation with Former Managing Director of Royal Dutch Shell, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart; where we learn together about his own personal story of being a postgraduate geologist to being at the helm of two of the largest corporations in the world Royal Dutch Shell & Anglo.  

Diana dives into questions like; “How do we make the great transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy?”; “Why he feels corporate sustainability & ethical leadership in the oil and mining industries, and other large businesses, globally, can unlock the door to collective solutions and approaches in developing our sustainable planet?”; “How we can eradicate poverty & corruption through responsible leadership?”. The nexus between oil and corporate sustainability and ethical leadership, subjects one may have never thought would come together, they do in his new book.

Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm

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