“Power of Phone & Pen: from Wall Street to Green Street – Powering Forward: President Obama’s Blue Ribbon Plan for U.S. Action for Climate Change & Clean Energy” with Chip Comins & Michael Bowman on Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Deh


Join Diana Dehm for a fascinating conversation with AREDAY & ARE-I Executives, Founder & Chairman Chip Comins & Michael Bowman, a Board of Director Member of ARE-Institute, and founding member of the Sustainable Bio-Diesel Alliance and National Steering Committee Member of 25×25 = 25% Renewable Energy use across US by 2025. Chip, Michael, and Diana dive into the recent Obama Blue Ribbon Plan for dramatic U.S. Action on Climate Change & Clean Energy.

Listen in as Diana goes “Live” on the recent announcement just hours ago! Get ready America as we make the great transition to Clean Renewable Energy, weaving economics, positive human impact & capacity, while lowering our environmental footprint.

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