Office Depot, UL & Casbo Focus on Supporting Green Schools National Network Through Sustainable Supply Chains for Schools


Join Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment Talk Radio, for a fascinating conversation about sustainable purchasing in school across the nation, the impact, the business case, and how teachers, students and administrators are choosing to buy sustainable products and why.  

Guests include:  Jim McGrath, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Green Schools National Network and home of the Green Schools National Conference, which will be happening March 27-29 2014 in Sacramento CA.

It’s an impact-full conference where students, teachers, businesses, the government, policy makers, non profits, administrators, parents and educational leaders, come together from around the world to learn about how we are creating green schools for our next generation! Diana is excited to be the emcee for the  conference again this year. Register and join us at

Dr. Marilyn Black, will be joins us from Atlanta Georgia, she is the Founder of GREENGUARD, Senior Technical Advisor and LEED AP, Underwriters Laboratories, and she’s gives us an overview of the UL Green Guard Certification and the impact in schools.

Yalmaz Siddiqui joins us as well, Yalmaz Siddiqui is the Senior Director of Environmental Strategy at Office Depot in West Palm Beach FL, and he is also the Co-Chair of the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council he gives us an update on the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, and how Office Depot is shifting towards sustainable products.


Last but not least we head to Sacramento CA meet with Tatia Davenport, she is the Deputy Executive Director / COO California Association of School Business Officials where we will learn about “Smart Business Smart Schools”, and PROP 39 in CA.

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