K-12 Schools & Businesses Disruptively Innovating Together…Sustainably


Join Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio as she dives into connecting the dots, while looking closely at solutions already in place that are actually creating the nexus between sustainable business and sustainable schools in support of our next generation!

Join her for a fascinating conversation with:

  • Jim McGrath, CEO of the Green Schools National Network & Conference
  • Leonard Freeke, President of Climate Neutral VeriSoda
  • Michelle Whyle, Global Head of Sustainability, 3M 

Register for the Green Schools National Conference, March 27-29, 2014 in Sacramento, CA and meet Jim, Leonard, and Michelle and many others!  Diana is excited to be 2014’s Emcee again!  So be ready for alot of learning, sharing, and Fun!

Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio with Diana Dehm (714) 300.8836

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