ASU is Talkin’ Trash! Representatives from ASU’s School of Sustainability, Waste Management, and Ironman Join Us!

This week, Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment heads to Arizona State University, home of the Sun Devils and the nation’s first School of Sustainability to talk some trash!

Nick Brown, Director of University Sustainability Practices at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability joins Diana to discuss all of the advantageous endeavors ASU is taking on. ASU has committed to climate neutrality by 2035, and to becoming zero waste by 2015. That’s only about a year out! ASU has partnered with Waste Management to create their Road Map to Zero Waste which outlines the plan as to how ASU will achieve this goal. We are also incredibly fortunate to have Nick Brown apply his expertise in conducting the metrics for our 2013 Trash on Your Back 5 Day Challenge and to have ASU partnering with us to make this happen!

Christine Soboleski, graduate from the School of Sustainability and our Director of Communications here at Sustainability News & Entertainment shares her experience in working with Nick on food sustainability solutions at ASU. These two share a passion for creating sustainable solutions for the planet. Christine shares what she learned as a Sustainability scholar and the positive social, economic, and environmental effects in decreasing our impact through The Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 Day Challenge.

Bryan McLaren, Sustainability Consultant for Waste Management and Project Manager for ASU’s Zero Waste program joins Diana as well. Bryan will be doing the Ironman Challenge during Novermber 2013 with his trash on his back! Representing the TRASH ON YOUR BACK effort! Bryan discusses the techniques used to inspire and engage students to be more inclined to participate in zero waste practices. Additionally, Bryan discusses how Ironman expresses a value for community through proper waste management efforts.

Tune in and share your thoughts! 

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