US EPA and US Navy representatives Discuss Sustainable Manufacturing and Renewable Energy with Diana Dehm


Join Sustainability News and Entertainment’s host Diana Dehm in a fascinating talk about transforming America’s manufacturing and energy sectors in a sustainable fashion.

First up is Matt Bogoshian, Senior Advisor at the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution and provides advice and analysis on program and policy initiatives involving pollution prevention and sustainability at the United States EPA and for the Obama Administration.  Matt shares what his team is doing to “tune-up” America’s manufacturing center while considering the three pillars, people, planet and profit, and how helping the environment can help the economy. Additionally, Matt is helping communities to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and create more sustainable manufacturing ecosystems and shares an exciting incentive opportunity to assist communities in achieving their goals!

Next we speak with retired Rear Admiral Leendert R. “Len” Hering, who now serves as the Executive Director for the California Center for Sustainable Energy.  Len discusses the ebb and flow of renewable energy developments as well as the California Center for Sustainable Energy’s efforts to connect customer, industry, regulator, and legislators and facilitate market adoption of renewable energy and assist customers in understanding renewable energy.  

Tune in and share your thoughts!


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