Green Schools National Network, Honest C-Tea-O & Health Corps Talk Sustainability, Healthy Foods, and Drinks for Students

Diana Dehm, host of Sustainability News and Entertainment, discusses green schools and healthy food options with this week’s guests.

First up is Jim McGrath, Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Green Schools National Network. The Green Schools National network is responsible for bringing key stakeholders together at the Green Schools National Conference. At this annual conference students, teachers, businesses, government, policy makers, non-profits, administrators, parents and educational leaders come together to learn how we are creating green schools for our next generation by educating and empowering our youth.

Following Jim is Seth Goldman, President and CTO of Honest Tea, the first organic and Fair Trade bottled tea, now owned by Coca-Cola. Seth discusses why the company is dedicated to providing sustainable beverages to school children, as well as Honest Tea’s commitment to honesty.

We wrap things up with Dr. Shawn Hayes, Chief Academic Officer and Director of Research and Education of Health Corps.  Health Corps is a non-profit that was founded by Dr. Oz in an effort to fight childhood obesity. Health Corps trains recent college graduates to facilitate wellness programs in high schools around the United States in an effort to change the wellness culture of schools. Health Corps activates and empowers students through health education so they are ready and able to tackle issues concerning health and sustainability.

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Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News and Entertainment Talk Radio Correspondent

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