The Nexus between “Sustainability & Love” with Wallace “J” Nichols

©2013 Wallace J Nichols 

Join Diana Dehm, Host Sustainability News & Entertainment Talk Radio as we learn from Dr. Wallace “J” Nichols, scientist, activist, community organizer, author and dad, about what Diana teams the “ocean and emotion” connection based on real science.  J discusses the science behind turning love into action and protecting what one loves in relation to the ocean. J’s journey began with a love for sea turtles as a child and ended up resulting in his current work in a new and exciting field called Neuroconservation.

Take a dip in the deep end (in more ways than one) as J reflects on our profound connection to bodies of water, and how this progresses to a profound love for nature and the ocean. Fall in love with the ocean all over again as J reminds you of all of the beautiful benefits water offers us. J will provide you with an exhilarating challenge towards the end of the show, giving you the opportunity to get back in touch with the environment, and yourself. 

What’s your favorite body of water and how does it make you feel?  L
isten in and do tell us the answer to this very provocative question via twitter or facebook.

Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News & Entertainment Correspondent Twitter: @Diana_dehm_snae

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