Green Alliance, Futuro, & Lynnfield Green Technologies Talk Green Biz with Diana Dehm

Do you have your green card?

Green Alliance’s executive director, Sarah Brown, returns to Sustainability News & Entertainment Talk Radio with Diana Dehm to share some of their most recent developments (including the benefits of a green card) and introduce two of their partners that are really making headway in their industries by providing sustainable products and services!

Futuro vice president, Jesse Ware,  joins Diana to discuss how his passion to build healthy buildings developed, what his company is doing to create sustainable homes and buildings, how LEED certification comes into play, and even entertains some pertinent questions from our listeners.

Lynnfield Green Technologies, vice president and executive director, Patrick Lucci, joins Diana Dehm on Sustainability News & Entertainment to explain his revolutionary cleaning device which uses only water and salt to sanitize! Hotels and restaurants are now able to use this product to sanitize everything from carpet to poultry ! It’s completely non-toxic, which eliminates chemical contamination and injuries.

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