CEO of ECOScraps and ASU’s Sustainability School Graduate Talk Food Waste Management Treasures



Join Diana Dehm, Host Sustainability News & Entertainment Talk Radio, and one of our very own SNAE team members, Christine Soboleski, and the co-founder & CEO of EcoScraps, Dan Blake as they discuss sustainable food systems and alternatives to food waste!

Diana discusses with Christine what she took away as a recent graduate from the nation’s first School of Sustainability at Arizona State University and why she is so passionate about sustainable food systems and food waste streams. Christine shares her experience with two sustainable food organizations, Real Food Challenge and Plan Milpa, as well as providing her positive outlook on sustainability as an opportunity and calling for everyone.

EcoScraps is an organic lawn and garden product manufacturer which recycles food waste into a nutrient-rich soil conditioner that helps plants grow healthier, and in environmentally friendly ways.  Dan discusses his “Aha! moment”, which led to the entrepreneurial development of EcoScraps, a company that  now processes 30 million pounds of waste annually.

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