Green Schools National Network and Green Bronx Machine on Transforming Traditional Educational Environments and Empowering Students to Change the Planet

Sustainability News & Entertainment with Diana Dehm provides a space to share sustainable solutions for the planet, all in support of the next generation… and what better way to work towards a more sustainable planet than with the members of the next generations?

Education is such an impactful driver in creating our sustainable planet, and K-12 students can be incredibly innovative in discovering and executing sustainable solutions. With empowerment from parents, educators, mentors, and community, children are absolutely achieving positive change.  We just need to “support them, educate them, love them…and get outta the way – Diana Dehm!”

Join Diana Dehm as she interviews Stephen Ritz, founder of Green Bronx Machine and Jennifer Seydel, COO & CFO of Green Schools National Network. Both guest discuss unique ways implementing sustainability education into K-12 curriculum.  

Stephen Ritz teaches his kids the value of literal “living” rooms by including farming practices in his classroom environment. He also has provides an alternative to illicit activities for at-risk youth with his farming effort “From Crack to Cucumbers” where he dedicates his time to “harvesting hope and cultivating minds”.

Jennifer Seydel  offers a network for K-12 educators and administrators to gain a new perspective in educating today’s youth and moving beyond conventional teaching practices. She believes educators should take their instruction beyond four walls and help children view their community as the whole planet. She strives for a systems approach so students can gain an appreciation for all life forms rather than chopping up education in to specific subjects.

Tune in and share your thoughts!

Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News & Entertainment Correspondent Twitter: @Diana_dehm_snae

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