A Little Story about “A Green Story” Sustainable Products Head to Feature Film


Join Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News and Entertainment as she reveals the inspiration and motivation behind the portrayal of a remarkable sustainable business development story.  In “A Green Story” Nika Agiashvil  shares the tale of how Van Vlahakis, owner and CEO of Earth Friendly Products (ECOS), began the US giant for environmental cleaning products after immigrating from Greece with only $22 dollars to his name.  

Tune in and learn firsthand from our guests:

  • Nika Agiavshvil, Writer & Director of “A Green Story”

  • Van Vlahakis, Owner & CEO of Earth Friendly Products (ECOS)

  • Vivian Panou, Director of Special Events & Projects for Earth Friendly Products

Van provides insight into how he overcame some substantial hurdles while developing his business, offers superb advice to future entrepreneurs, and discusses how he brought to fruition not only the “American Dream”,  but his personal dreams and aspirations while creating environmentally sound and healthy cleaning products.

This story is sure to enlighten you, inspire you, and warm your heart!

View the trailer for the film here: A Green Story Trailer 

Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio Correspondent
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