A Little Story about “A Green Story” Sustainable Products Head to Feature Film


Join Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News and Entertainment as she reveals the inspiration and motivation behind the portrayal of a remarkable sustainable business development story.  In “A Green Story” Nika Agiashvil  shares the tale of how Van Vlahakis, owner and CEO of Earth Friendly Products (ECOS), began the US giant for environmental cleaning products after immigrating from Greece with only $22 dollars to his name.  

Tune in and learn firsthand from our guests:

  • Nika Agiavshvil, Writer & Director of “A Green Story”

  • Van Vlahakis, Owner & CEO of Earth Friendly Products (ECOS)

  • Vivian Panou, Director of Special Events & Projects for Earth Friendly Products

Van provides insight into how he overcame some substantial hurdles while developing his business, offers superb advice to future entrepreneurs, and discusses how he brought to fruition not only the “American Dream”,  but his personal dreams and aspirations while creating environmentally sound and healthy cleaning products.

This story is sure to enlighten you, inspire you, and warm your heart!

View the trailer for the film here: A Green Story Trailer 

Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio Correspondent
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Green Schools National Network and Green Bronx Machine on Transforming Traditional Educational Environments and Empowering Students to Change the Planet

Sustainability News & Entertainment with Diana Dehm provides a space to share sustainable solutions for the planet, all in support of the next generation… and what better way to work towards a more sustainable planet than with the members of the next generations?

Education is such an impactful driver in creating our sustainable planet, and K-12 students can be incredibly innovative in discovering and executing sustainable solutions. With empowerment from parents, educators, mentors, and community, children are absolutely achieving positive change.  We just need to “support them, educate them, love them…and get outta the way – Diana Dehm!”

Join Diana Dehm as she interviews Stephen Ritz, founder of Green Bronx Machine and Jennifer Seydel, COO & CFO of Green Schools National Network. Both guest discuss unique ways implementing sustainability education into K-12 curriculum.  

Stephen Ritz teaches his kids the value of literal “living” rooms by including farming practices in his classroom environment. He also has provides an alternative to illicit activities for at-risk youth with his farming effort “From Crack to Cucumbers” where he dedicates his time to “harvesting hope and cultivating minds”.

Jennifer Seydel  offers a network for K-12 educators and administrators to gain a new perspective in educating today’s youth and moving beyond conventional teaching practices. She believes educators should take their instruction beyond four walls and help children view their community as the whole planet. She strives for a systems approach so students can gain an appreciation for all life forms rather than chopping up education in to specific subjects.

Tune in and share your thoughts!

Christine Soboleski, Sustainability News & Entertainment Correspondent
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Moneyless Society? Carl Tashian, Co-Founder of Yerdle and Lindsay Bleier of Yerdle.com Share the Benefits of Sharing On Sustainbility News & Entertainment

Can a moneyless society really exist?

Find out when Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment Radio interviews Carl Tashian, co-founder of Yerdle (former Co-Founder of Zipcar who sold to Avis!) and Lindsay Bleier of Yerdle.com join us to discuss all of the wonderful opportunities and benefits Yerdle brings to individuals and their communities.

Yerdle.com brings us one step closer to this concept by providing a space for people to share their stuff among friends within their social network. Listen and learn how Yerdle can help you:

  • Save time & money
  • Connect with friends, friends of friends, & strengthen local community
  • Avoid creepy people showing up at your home to pick things up
  • Share items that don’t get regular use among your community (tents, drills, yard tools, etc.) and borrow stuff like this from friends, too!
    Pass on sentimental items you don’t feel right giving away to a stranger to a friend instead who you know will appreciate them
  • Be more eco-friendly by decreasing the demand for more stuff and keeping useful resources out of landfills

Listen and tell us what you think!

Happy Yerdling!


Christine Soboleski,  Sustainability News & Entertainment Correspondent
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Matt Jenson, ECOMusician & Berklee School of Music Professor On Reggae for Sustainability


Some of you may remember the days of musicians Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, The Beetles, and Marvin Gaye creating music about the environment in the 1960’s.  Today, are you asking yourself “What happened to cool entertaining music for the environment to create today’s sustainable planet for our next generation?”  We have Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz singing about it, and we also have Matt Jenson, Boston’s Berklee College of Music Professor of the “Bob Marley Class” & recently launched CD, Dragon Fly Taxi.  

This show portrays Matt’s anger and frustration about the lack of awareness and commitment to the environment through to collective sustainable solutions you may never have even thought of.  Matt shares his story and his sustainable solutions through reggae sounds and non-traditional disruptive thinking. One hint, Matt bases his ultimate sustainable solution on Bob Marley’s philosophy.  Check out Diana’s interview with Matt Jenson.

Sustainability News & Entertainment with Diana Dehm, believes there is a wide open space of opportunity for musicians out there to create lyrics and music relating to our sustainable planet. Diana created the ECOMUSICIANS & ECOSONGWRITERS CHALLENGE in 2009 as a platform for helping musicians get their sound out through radio and media. The ECOMUSICIANS AND ECOSONGWRITERS CHALLENGE is in memory of her brother Dave Dehm, a die-hard musician with a huge unmet vision. Diana believes we can connect more deeply through the beauty of music and arts that we all enjoy, while supporting our talented, committed, unknown music hero’s in their dream.  This is all while creating our sustainable planet together.

Tell us what you think!

Diana Dehm, Sustainability News & Entertainment Host & Correspondent
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The Green Alliance, Connecting Golf & Hair Salon Businesses to Sustainability for Better Bottom-Line Results


How can consumers become better informed about businesses committed to sustainable practices?  Ready for this one?  Hair Salons are taking the lead on becoming completely sustainable while cleaning up our ocean’s oil spills…find out how!  Okay, Golfers, its time to learn what Golf Courses large and small are doing to become more sustainable while making money! 

Green Alliance assists businesses in increasing their profits by encouraging sustainable business practices and educates the public in sustainable goods and services available to them. 

Learn more, when Diana Dehm, Host of Sustainability News & Entertainment interviews:                    

  • Owner & Director of Green Alliance, Sarah Brown

  • Owner of Sagarmore Golf Course, Richard Luff

  • Owner & Founder of Acorn Organic Salon, Laura Mackay

Talk about a spin on “business as usual” while implementing practices which have a positive human impact, a lower environmental footprint, and are cost-effective.

Tell us what you think!