Eco-Music, Eco-Song Writing & the Bridge to Creating Our Sustainable Planet Collectively

Cover of Oxygen 21

It’s all about Music, Arts and influencing the Bridge to Sustainability creatively!  Sing and write about creating our sustainable planet together and join Sustainability News & Entertainment’s CALL TO ACTION! 

You could be Sustainability News & Entertainment’s Trash On Your Back 5 Day Challenge Theme Song Winner!  Write, sing and create a song about lowering our trash impact on the planet and send it to”> in an MP3 and you will be in the running for becoming our theme song winner!  The winner will join Diana Dehm on the radio show, and the theme song will lead the way to the Sustainability News & Entertainment with Diana Dehm Trash On Your Back 5 Day Challenge 2013!  Our panel of judges include accomplished singer song writers from the West Coast Song Writers, The Grammy’s, The Band – PRESS ME, and a few additional surprise judges!  Imagine the connections all for a good thing?

Learn more now and join Diana Dehm for a fun & fascinating conversation with the President of West Coast Song Writers, Mark Le Mon (San Francisco, CA) & Singer Song Writer, Maurice Byrne (Ireland) and Enda Reilly, Eco-musician/Eco-Songwriter also joins us from Ireland, and shares 3 of his songs focused on sustainability through music, green schools, and our next generation.  Check’m out by clicking the button below and tell us what you think!

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