Fans without Footprints…How millions of Sports Fans are Stepping Up to the Plate for Sustainability!

POWER TO THE SPORTS FANS!  Harry Groome, Founder & CEO of “Fans Without Footprints” joins Diana Dehm for a fascinating conversation about how fans are rallying for their favorite teams and athletes, while working together to create our sustainable planet for our next generation…not to mention having way too much fun!

SUSTAINABILITY IS A TEAM SPORT, you don’t want to miss this fun, inspiring conversation! 

ABC NEWS & Natures Edge, Bill Blakemore and Mary Godfrey – The Psychology of Global Warming

     Bill Blakemore         Mary Godfrey      ABC News & Natures Edge

Join Diana for a fascinating conversation with Mary Godfrey and Bill Blakemore of ABC News & The Natures Edge to take a deeper look into the Psychology of Global Warming. Find out how we can hug the monster and how our “Can do Spirit” moves us forward…