Green Sports Alliance, Pro-NHL Athlete, Portland Trail Blazers, St. Louis Cardinals, US EPA & National Environmental Education Foundation Partner for Sustainability and Reach 73 Million Sports Fans!


Sustainability is a team sport!

Join Diana Dehm and learn how the Mike Richter NHL All Star & Stanley Cup Winner, US EPA, Green Sports Alliance, Portland Trailblazers, St. Louis Cardinals & The Environmental Education Foundation are working together to message and educate 73 million sports fans on sustainability as a lifestyle and how we can all be a part of it in support of our next generation. Diana also looks into the business case and the fun stories these winning teams are doing to create a sustainable difference on the planet!

“Environmental Stewardship resonates with all of us who love baseball and seeing it played on green grass and under blue skies. As we strive to fullfill our social responsibilities, the national pastime will continue to protect our natural resourses for future generations of baseball fans and set an example about whice they can be proud”.  Major League Baseball Commissioner Allan (Bud) Selig

Guests:  Mike Richter, NHL;  Matt Bogoshian, US EPA; Martin Tull, Green Sports Alliance; Justin Zuelner, Portland Trail Blazers;  Joe Abernathy, St. Louis Cardinals; and Diane Wood, Environmental Education Foundation

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