Sustainability in POLITICS, 2013 Political Candidates in The City of Los Angeles Speak Up!

          David Nahai                            Eric Garcetti                         Mike Feuer

Sustainability in POLITICS? Voting Responsibly for our Planet and our next generation? How the City of Angels (Los Angeles) 2013 candidates are integrating “Sustainability Actions” into their city, and aiming to become one of the most sustainable cities on the planet…who’s on board during this election year for economic recovery, positive human impact, and lowering our environmental impact for our next generation?

Political Views on Sustainability? We want to hear sustainability views from all of our 2013 Political Candidates across the Nation…What’s your Sustainable Solution for the Planet? We invite you to join us 714.300.8836.

Find all the answers as Diana holds a fascinating conversation with David Nahai, Former CEO of Los Angeles Department of Water & Power; Eric Garcetti, 2013 Mayoral Candidate for the City of Los Angeles; Mike Feuer, City Attorney Candidate for Los Angeles, 2013.

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