Major League Baseball (MLB) & The Seattle Mariners Step Up To The Plate For Sustainability Through Non-Traditional Partnerships…

Take me out to the ball game! (Suastainably)

SVP Scott Jenkin’s, Seattle Mariners & Founder of The Green Sports Alliance (NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB!) Here’s how Major League Baseballhas stepped up to the platefor creating our zero waste nation…saving millions and while doing the right thing!

Yes we have another option for plastic bags…

VP Phil Ragan, Eco Safe Zero Waste Bags…knows we can replace plastic bags with compostable bags!

Wait till you hear what the City of Seattle is doing hand in hand with Major League Baseball…we love non-traditional partnerships making a sustainable – ZERO WASTEdifference on the planet!

Metrics & Scienceare in for MIT/Dartmouth College SustainabilityNews & Entertainment’sTRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 Day Challenge…Here’s our impact, what’s yours?

Cameron Wake, UNH; Matt Bogoshian, USEPA; Drew Jones, Climate Interactive; Joe Carchio, Former Mayor of Surf City USA & Huntington Beach; Jim McGrath, Green Schools National Network; Diana Dehm, Sustainability News & Entertainment; Tara Sheahan, GCLI; Bobbie Kneeland, Aloha Grill; Rob Kee, Enlarge Media; and to all the other brave trash innovators for learning collectively about our trash impact to the planet!
Join us in September 2012 for the National MIT/Dartmouth College Inspired Sustainability News & Entertainment TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE…During National Pollution Prevention Week!

Sustainability News & Entertainment’s TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE, The Team, The Science, The Fun! What’s Your Trash Impact?

The Sustainability News & Entertainment TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE
Team across the Nation who were brave enough to accept the challenge 2012 are back for 2013!                                        

Drew Jones, Climate Interactive  Matt Bogoshian, USEPA    Cameron Wake, UNH

Joe Carchio, Former Mayor    Jim McGrath,                    Tara Sheahan, Global Conscious Leadership
                                          Green Schools National Network

Thanks to all of our Trash Warriors across the country in 2012 – it time for 2013!  Rob Kee, Enlarge Media; Mitch Hedlund, Recycle Across America; Bobbie Kneeland, Aloha Grill; and additional supporters Sue Gordon, Rainbow Environmental; Greg Goran, Huntington Beach High School; SurfRider Huntington Beach; Lillie Hott of Dolce Vita Skin & Body in Huntington Beach, and Matt Liffreing. 

What we learned together was absolutely amazing:
– Did you know that we individually each average 4.4lbs of trash per day per person?

– Did you know that America spends $12 Billion Dollars per year on waste management, tipping fees, and disposal costs?
– We collectively averaged .8 lbs of waste per day due to choice and literally not wanting to carry the extra stuff with us each day for a week – a year later we are all still thinking about it based on what we learned in this experience.
– Based on the .8 lbs of waste we were able to achieve…we realized that we more that cut the average in half!  What does this mean to the nation?  Well if we can make the invisible-visible, and start measuring the scientific impact (We can’t measure if we don’t measure) collectively, imagine if we all did this, we have the potential of saving $8 Billion Dollars a year!  What not use that for new infrastructure, renewable energy or development of sustainable products the planet can use in support of our next generation?

– Through this experience we also learned and uncovered, that if we combine our trash waste, energy, water and carbon impact per day we are literally carrying around 250 lbs of impact waste per day per person (thanks to the University of New Hampshire for the study metrics!). 

Get ready to join us again for the Sustainability News & Entertainment “TRASH ON YOUR BACK CHALLENGE” EARTH DAY 2013 April 22-26, 2013!  Wait till you see who else is on board for joining us!!  You may just be surprised!!  Diana Dehm will be interviewing the 2013 team, don’t miss it!