Miya’s Sushi Chef & Owner, Bun Lai “Mad Scientist of the Sustainable Sushi Movement” & Mary Godfrey, Contributing Producer for ABC News.com

Bun Lai, Miya’s Sushi                Mary Godfrey, ABC News     Bun Lai, Miya’s Sushi’s Solution

Ever thought about Sustainable Sushi?  Bun Lai, Owner and Head Chef of Miya’s Sushi in New Haven CT and Mary Godfrey of ABC NEWS NYC have!  What’s Bun’s solution for invasive species on the planet? Eat’M!  Be sure not to miss this amazing “turn it on its head” conversation that will stretch your mind and really make us think about the choices we can all make when eating sushi and choosing sustainable seafood as an option….to lower our impact on our oceans for our next generation.

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