Ret. Admiral Len Hering, US Navy, AREDAY “American Renewable Energy Day” & “Climb For Conservation”…Our Renewable Energy Future…

Admiral Len Hering shares his views on how the Navy has integrated renewable energy, saving money and how they created the business case for doing so.  He also shares his recommendations and solutions for our Presidential Candidates on how to integrate renewable energy and sustainability into their goals and objectives…he also draws an amazing correlation to sustainability and global peace.
AREDAY “American Renewable Energy Day” CEO, Chip Comins and Chief Legal Counsel Ginna Kelly (Founder of Green Girl Minute and Climb For Conservation) join us for a fascinating conversation on renewable energy futures, along with an exciting discussion on the “Climb for Conservation” where a number of brave, beautiful, renewable energy advocates climb Mt. Kilamanjaro to drive awareness and education…wait till you hear who’s making the climb! 

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