“GREENFIRE” Film Producer, USDA, US Forest Service and the US Green Schools Network share their Solutions for the Planet…

Sally Collins               Steve Dunsky               Paul Johnson            Curt Meine

“GREENFIRE” the Film Documentary of the great environmentalist, Aldo Leopold and his legacy.  Join former US Forest Service Associate Chief in Washington DC, US Forest Service, Senior Fellow with the Aldo Leopold Foundation, Former lead of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation & the GREENFIRE Film Team for a fascinating conversation about leaving a legacy of sustainable land management…

Jim McGrath, CEO US Green Schools Network

US Green Schools Network CEO, Jim McGrath and VP, Chuck Weber, a conversation on the business case for becoming a green school…schools can save money and become green and energy efficient in simple steps.  Join the US Green Schools Conference in Denver, CO: February 27-29, 2012

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