4-H, Sustainable Imperial Stock Ranch, My Clean Water Act


If there’s a will there’s always a way!  We never know what direction life will take us…these three organizations are making it happen!  From the Kansas City 4-H Global Conference with 350 High School Students ‘Creating a Revolution of Responsibility”….to learning how Jeanne & Dan Carver, owners/operators of IMPERIAL STOCK RANCH created a completely sustainable ranch and farming industry with an amazing business model that lead them from meat and fiber to Vogue and the Fashion Run Ways all on Harvested Sunlight…to MY CLEAN WATER ACT where the celebration begins and the future of water is discovered…with Anthony Christopher, My Clean Water Act Founder & Catherine Clark, Professor at Chapman University.

“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do…Steve Jobs, Apple “Think different” Commerical, 1997.  We challenge you to share your solution for the planet on Sustainability News & Entertainment!

SolarWorld President, Gordon Brinser, Shares Views on Solar Impact Across the Nation along side of Ret. Department of Energy Director, Lynn Frank, State of Oregon

Gordon Brinser, SolarWorld                  Lynn Frank, Ret.DOE Director

What does 35 years of being in the solar business look like?  What does the future of solar energy look like across the nation?  What is the nexus between Renewable Energy & National Security? Hear it from Gordon Brinser, President of SolarWorld and Ret. Department of Energy Director, Lynn Frank, State of Oregon.

Sir Richard Branson’s CARBON WAR ROOM’s Ann Davlin & MIT’s Drew Jones Climate Simulation Team & “THE SUSTAINABILITY NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE” Earth Day 2012

Ann Davlin, Carbon War Room          Drew Jones, MIT 

Sir Richard Branson’s CARBON WAR ROOM’s Executive Director of Development Ann Davlin
shares how the CARBON WAR ROOM unleashes the power if Entrepreneurs to use market-based solutions to address Climate Change…

MIT’s Drew Jones, Climate Simulation Team shares updates on the CLIMATE SIMULATION TOOL, along with talkin’ some trash!  It was Drew’s idea in 1989 to carry his trash on his back to learn what it felt like to see what we actually consume and throw away!  We learn on this show how to actually do it and be a part of the MIT & DARTMOUTH COLLEGE INSPIRED “SUSTAINABILITY NEWS & ENTERTAINMENT

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project, CEO Maggie Fox and Alec Loorz, 17 year old Founder of Kids vs. Global Warming and the iMatter March share “Climate Change Solutions for our Next Generation”…

Maggie Fox, CEO of Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project gives us an update on the Climate Reality Project and shares climate learnings from the expedition to Antarctica.   Alec Loorz, 17 year old Founder of Kids vs. Global Warming and the iMATTER March shares his vision and solutions for the next generation…Education is key.

Ret. Admiral Len Hering, US Navy, AREDAY “American Renewable Energy Day” & “Climb For Conservation”…Our Renewable Energy Future…

Admiral Len Hering shares his views on how the Navy has integrated renewable energy, saving money and how they created the business case for doing so.  He also shares his recommendations and solutions for our Presidential Candidates on how to integrate renewable energy and sustainability into their goals and objectives…he also draws an amazing correlation to sustainability and global peace.
AREDAY “American Renewable Energy Day” CEO, Chip Comins and Chief Legal Counsel Ginna Kelly (Founder of Green Girl Minute and Climb For Conservation) join us for a fascinating conversation on renewable energy futures, along with an exciting discussion on the “Climb for Conservation” where a number of brave, beautiful, renewable energy advocates climb Mt. Kilamanjaro to drive awareness and education…wait till you hear who’s making the climb! 

“GREENFIRE” Film Producer, USDA, US Forest Service and the US Green Schools Network share their Solutions for the Planet…

Sally Collins               Steve Dunsky               Paul Johnson            Curt Meine

“GREENFIRE” the Film Documentary of the great environmentalist, Aldo Leopold and his legacy.  Join former US Forest Service Associate Chief in Washington DC, US Forest Service, Senior Fellow with the Aldo Leopold Foundation, Former lead of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation & the GREENFIRE Film Team for a fascinating conversation about leaving a legacy of sustainable land management…

Jim McGrath, CEO US Green Schools Network

US Green Schools Network CEO, Jim McGrath and VP, Chuck Weber, a conversation on the business case for becoming a green school…schools can save money and become green and energy efficient in simple steps.  Join the US Green Schools Conference in Denver, CO: February 27-29, 2012