Nicole Hansen, Rachelle Carson-Begley & Dr. Bill Cooper Make Sustainability Cool & Fun Through Entertainment, Education, Life Lessons, and Actionable Innovations for the Planet!

Nicole Hansen                Rachelle Carson Begley     Dr. Bill Cooper

We all have personal reasons for doing what we do, and where our passions are actually discovered in life when we least expect it…You are about to hear 3 very personal stories of how Nicole Hansen, Rachelle Carson Begley, and Dr. Bill Cooper arrived at their passions for making a sustainable difference on the planet and how they are doing it!  A fun fascinating story showcasing the nexus between show business, entertainment, media, education and multimedia innovations!

Keep an eye out for Ed & Rachelle Carson Begley, Jr.’s new internet based show: “Build it Like Begley”…learn more on the show.

“My Clean Water Act”- Launching in March – with Dr. Bill Cooper

“Green Multimedia/Transmedia” – launching at IdeaAtion – with Nicole Hanson

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