Dr. Sarah Mack, Tierra Resources has figured out a way to help Lousianna after Hurricane Katrina restore their wetlands through carbon offset credits and carbon finance, while partnering with Mary Grady & The American Carbon Registry to make it happen.  A true game changer for wetlands restoration, and protection of our shorelines and creating sustainable communities.

Learn how, and think about how this model can be used for other restoration projects.  Another sustainable solution for the planet!  The home of Creole, Crawfish, New Orleans Jazz, Gumbo, Beiguets, and Cajun & Zydeco and the Delta Blues takes the lead in wetlands restoration! 

Dr. Sarah Mack                  Mary Grady

E3, Economy, Energy, and Environment – Green Suppliers Network Program

Partnerships for the Planet…how strategic partners integrate Economy, Energy, and the Environment, to drive consumer choices through the Green Suppliers Network Program.  An in-depth insight to how it works, and how you can be a part of it.  Special Thanks goes to Matt Bogoshian, USEPA for sharing a song he and his friends wrote called “AMERICAN GREEN”, as part of the Radio Green Talk ECO-Musicians and ECO-Song Writers – ARTS TO SUSTAINABILITY Challenge.

Matt Bogoshian, USEPA           Anna Mangum, NCS             Alex Folk, NIST/MEP

Phil McLellan, ThermoFisher      Tim Hamel, ThermoFisher

American Renewable Energy Day “AREDAY” President & CEO, Chip Comins and Vice President & General Counsel Ginna Kelly & Founder of Climb for Conservation

The American Renewable Energy Day “AREDAY” team puts the “Green in Green” and monetizes Carbon in our Global Economy. An amazing team doing amazing things!  Chip Comins, CEO & President of AREDAY and Aspen, Colorado resident is working collectively to raise awareness and opportunity for all of us when it comes to renewable energy across the Nation.  His profound work as producer and director as President of the American Spirit Productions, has been seen on PBS, BET and Link TV. His Public Service Announcement “NATIVE WIND” debuted at the 2005 Clinton Global Initiave and have been officially selected by numerous environmental film festivals.

Ginna is the Vice President & General Counsel American Renewable Energy Day (AREDAY). Ginna is also the Co-Founder and Host of the Green Girl Minute where she has interviewed environmental luminaries such as President Jose Maria Figueres, Bill McKibben, T. Boone Pickens, General Wesley Clark, Kevin Costner, and Lauren Bush. Ginna is the Founder of Climb for Conservation, whose mission is to climb mountains around the world for a conservation cause. 

 Chip Comins                               Ginna Kelly