University of New Hampshire’s Sustainability Program, UNH Wildcat Sports & Partnerships (Earthtec Clothing)

The University of New Hampshire (UNH) has a long-term story to share of Campus Sustainability Integration and Partnership….and their return on investment.  Earthtec Clothing and UNH have partnered to create non-traditional approaches for sustainability “LEGACY” applications and models that can be shared on the global scale. 

Tom Kelly, UNH Chief of Sustainability     Dennis Randall, CEO Earthtec

Jeff Tagliaferro, UNH Wildcats GM           Cam Wake, UNH Research Associate Professor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT’s “Climate Interactive” Team

MIT’s Climate Interactive “management flight simulators” help students, corporations, and government policy makers understand complex issues, particularly around climate change and sustainability…a true experiencial learning approach.  “World Climate” is a role play of the UNFCCC negotiations in which MIT used the C-ROADS Climate Policy simulation.  MIT developed it and it’s being used by actual negotiators and policymakers, including the US State Department, China, and UNEP.

Update on the 2011 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 17 – Durban, South Africa.

John Sterman Drew Jones Dr. Elizabeth Sawin

Matt Bogoshian, US EPA’s Framework for the Economy

Pollution prevention and sustainability is the framework for rebuilding the economy, according to Matt Bogoshian of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA is preventing pollution, spreading green products, and helping business grow.


The EPA has their focus on your health and your environment. And they have tons of solutions, including their National Pollution Prevention Program, Greener Products Portal, partnerships, and more. They partner with state and local experts through their E3 framework in finding solution to wasted time, money, and energy. So far, it’s proven to be effective, saving one business over $200k in waste and energy costs per year, and allowing another with enough savings to triple their staff from 100 to 300 employees.

You can get involved! The EPA provides something called the Greener Products Portal, which is a tool to help consumers buy smarter products depending on what your personal needs of improvement are.

The EPA does more than pollution prevention. They create standards, reward corporations for creating safe chemicals, and so much more. Check out the podcast to have your mind filled and inspired.

Ret. Admiral Len Hering, US Navy & University of San Diego shares his process for integrating Renewable Energy into the Navy and a University…

Renewable Energy is our future, it’s a national security and safety issue and it takes our reliance off of foreign fuels and fossil fuels.  Once the infrastructure is in place the cost is minimal with the exception of maintenance. The Nation has been discussing “Energy Policy” since the 60’s – now is our opportunity to make it happen.  Admiral Len Hering shares the business case the Navy utilized for the integration of Renewable Energy along with renewable energy solutions for the Nation.

Earthtec Clothing, Department of Energy – Oregon “Solar Highway”, Portland Fashion Week, and USA Green Stories “Partners for the Planet” along with ODE Magazine – Good News on the Planet

A fascinating story of how four non-traditional partners came together to take a look at how they could partner to create a more sustainable planet collectively…Sustainable Clothing, a Solar Highway, an Eco-Friendly Fashion Show, and USA Green Stories from across the Nation!  How much more fun can that be?  Learn how they did it!

CEO Dennis Randall, Earthtec – Lynn Frank, Five Star Intl (Previous Director of Energy for the State of Oregon) – Tito Chowdhury, Executive Producer Portland Fashion Week & Jose Espinosa, USA Green Stories