Hewlett Packard’s – Energy and Sustainability Management through Technology

Hewlett Packard is known at the global level for their remarkable impact in technology. But did you know they are also one of the greenest? We have the inside scoop of what HP is doing to reduce energy cost and consumption for businesses and individuals at a world-wide level. And remaining with it’s tech-centered roots, HP trusts in technology to reduce their carbon footprint, along with the waste of other large enterprises. 
Scott Nyulassy, HP’s Director of Environmental Sustainability Planning and Operations, fills us in on how HP focuses on preserving natural resources. According to Scott, HP brings in leaders with an interest in sustainability from all around the globe to get their opinions on the things they can improve on. Additionally, at the consumer level, HP provides energy start certified products that can be reused and recycled once it has reached the end of it’s lifecycle.
The Energy and Sustainability Management services HP provides are another huge project they are bringing to companies world-wide. Kash Kapadia, Director and Global Head of Energy and Sustainability Business Solutions, explains how this service allows business to see their energy and product consumption as a whole.
It’s able to track natural resource consumption, reduce cost and emissions, and display which products and locations are most efficient. Not only does this save companies a pretty penny, but Karl Van Orsdol, Chief Global Strategist, mentions that being able to see these changes actually changes the behavior of the workforce, bringing energy levels down even lower.
Colin Coyle, leader of the US Public Sector Program for HP’s Tech Consulting and Critical Facilities Services, discusses how this is a great opportunity for the federal space to really push forward with their part in the sustainability movement. We really have a ton of content about the great things HP is doing. Satisfy your curiosity to all the juicy details, and join us through our podcast.

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