CEO of Patagonia, ODE Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Founder of Conscious Global Leadership & University of California, Irvine – Partners in Creating a Global Collective for a Sustainable Planet

The solution for money, Patagonia as primarily an environmental company, and the Clean Water Act — three topics we’re so thankful to share with everyone this week.

ODE Magazine
Good news! There are alternatives to relying on money to solve all your problems. Several countries are already taking a huge step back to the days of trading and bartering, eliminating money as the middle-man. Jurriaan Kamp, Editor-in-Chief of ODE Magazine, spreads the news on Radio Green Talk this week on how this is a great way to get everyone participating and exchanging their goods or services for the things they need.
Also putting sustainable causes before economical is apparel company, Patagonia. Casey Sheahan, CEO of Patagonia, explains how they are an environmental company first, and an apparel company second. Patagonia is working its way to reaching the zero toxic emissions mark by 2015. Not only that, but Patagonia is actually asking their customers to only purchase what they need. Perhaps that’s not necessarily a great business model, but it is an outstanding dedication they’re serving to the planet. Patagonia is such a great example for companies to look up to, and we’re so excited to see the impact they’ll make. 

Passion for the planet runs in the family. Tara Sheahan, Founder of the Conscious Global Leadership, teaches us that there is no difference between caring for the planet and caring for ourselves. Neurologist, Caelin Sheahan, helps us realize how sheer curiosity and personal interest is all we need to create something larger than ourselves.

Casey Sheahan Tara Sheahan Caelin Sheahan

Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act is having it’s 40th anniversary this year. This act creates more fishable, swimmable, and drinkable water in the United States. Bill Cooper, Director of Urban Water Institute at the University of California Irvine, and students, Josh Gisi and Kevin Schlunegger, are looking to literally drive the importance of water across the nation. These students discuss great points about how the older and younger generations can work together in creating a better tomorrow.

Bill Cooper Josh Gisi Kevin Schlunegger

We’re so thankful for being able to cram everyone on the show this week! This just shows how many people are out there making a difference every day. Thank you all for helping spread the word and giving back to the planet we’re all a part of.

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