CEO of Patagonia, ODE Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Founder of Conscious Global Leadership & University of California, Irvine – Partners in Creating a Global Collective for a Sustainable Planet

The solution for money, Patagonia as primarily an environmental company, and the Clean Water Act — three topics we’re so thankful to share with everyone this week.

ODE Magazine
Good news! There are alternatives to relying on money to solve all your problems. Several countries are already taking a huge step back to the days of trading and bartering, eliminating money as the middle-man. Jurriaan Kamp, Editor-in-Chief of ODE Magazine, spreads the news on Radio Green Talk this week on how this is a great way to get everyone participating and exchanging their goods or services for the things they need.
Also putting sustainable causes before economical is apparel company, Patagonia. Casey Sheahan, CEO of Patagonia, explains how they are an environmental company first, and an apparel company second. Patagonia is working its way to reaching the zero toxic emissions mark by 2015. Not only that, but Patagonia is actually asking their customers to only purchase what they need. Perhaps that’s not necessarily a great business model, but it is an outstanding dedication they’re serving to the planet. Patagonia is such a great example for companies to look up to, and we’re so excited to see the impact they’ll make. 

Passion for the planet runs in the family. Tara Sheahan, Founder of the Conscious Global Leadership, teaches us that there is no difference between caring for the planet and caring for ourselves. Neurologist, Caelin Sheahan, helps us realize how sheer curiosity and personal interest is all we need to create something larger than ourselves.

Casey Sheahan Tara Sheahan Caelin Sheahan

Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act is having it’s 40th anniversary this year. This act creates more fishable, swimmable, and drinkable water in the United States. Bill Cooper, Director of Urban Water Institute at the University of California Irvine, and students, Josh Gisi and Kevin Schlunegger, are looking to literally drive the importance of water across the nation. These students discuss great points about how the older and younger generations can work together in creating a better tomorrow.

Bill Cooper Josh Gisi Kevin Schlunegger

We’re so thankful for being able to cram everyone on the show this week! This just shows how many people are out there making a difference every day. Thank you all for helping spread the word and giving back to the planet we’re all a part of.

Hewlett Packard’s – Energy and Sustainability Management through Technology

Hewlett Packard is known at the global level for their remarkable impact in technology. But did you know they are also one of the greenest? We have the inside scoop of what HP is doing to reduce energy cost and consumption for businesses and individuals at a world-wide level. And remaining with it’s tech-centered roots, HP trusts in technology to reduce their carbon footprint, along with the waste of other large enterprises. 
Scott Nyulassy, HP’s Director of Environmental Sustainability Planning and Operations, fills us in on how HP focuses on preserving natural resources. According to Scott, HP brings in leaders with an interest in sustainability from all around the globe to get their opinions on the things they can improve on. Additionally, at the consumer level, HP provides energy start certified products that can be reused and recycled once it has reached the end of it’s lifecycle.
The Energy and Sustainability Management services HP provides are another huge project they are bringing to companies world-wide. Kash Kapadia, Director and Global Head of Energy and Sustainability Business Solutions, explains how this service allows business to see their energy and product consumption as a whole.
It’s able to track natural resource consumption, reduce cost and emissions, and display which products and locations are most efficient. Not only does this save companies a pretty penny, but Karl Van Orsdol, Chief Global Strategist, mentions that being able to see these changes actually changes the behavior of the workforce, bringing energy levels down even lower.
Colin Coyle, leader of the US Public Sector Program for HP’s Tech Consulting and Critical Facilities Services, discusses how this is a great opportunity for the federal space to really push forward with their part in the sustainability movement. We really have a ton of content about the great things HP is doing. Satisfy your curiosity to all the juicy details, and join us through our podcast.

Eco Amazons, FASE, and Mrs. Green — Creative Women Leaders

What do books, fashion, and radio all have in common? They’re all means of creating a more sustainable planet and healthy lifestyle.

This week, three female leaders share their creative solutions. Dorka Keehn, author of Eco Amazons, showcases women leaders who are developing solutions for a sustainable future. Marci Zaroff pushes fashion forward with her company, FASE. And Gina Murphy Darling, also known as Mrs. Green, provides some great and easy tips over the airwaves.

Eco Amazons is a book focusing on women leaders making a difference through sustainable solutions. Dorka Keehn is a leader in the female movement, and hopes this book will be one step in promoting women leadership, and creating a safe and healthy environment for everyone. Working closely with Dorka is Marci Zaroff, creator of FASE (Fashion Art Soul Earth). Once learning the health hazards of cotton, Marci wanted to create a healthy way to dress without sacrificing style, fit, or comfort. She wants to change the way people think about sustainable clothing. People shouldn’t have to choose between style and sustainability; they should complement each other

Mrs. Green takes a break from her own radio show to join ours. She believes sustainability is about creating a healthy environment, and shares some really easy steps anyone can take:

  • Buy one organic product.
  • Skip the styrofoam — dine out with your tupperware.
  • Remember your reusable grocery bag!

Join our podcast to learn some more super simple tips, and why creating women leaders and participating in eco-fashion is important to you.