U.S. Marines – Fidelis to the Frontline

Our typical troop can be expected to carry 120 pounds of equipment on a regular basis — 120 pounds of food, water, and energy sources such as fuel and batteries. Brigadier General Kevin Nally, Chief Information Officer of the USMC, discusses the Marine Corps’s plan for using sustainable options for those on the frontline.

Looking to lessen the 120-pound load, the Marines are going green. Instead of carrying jugs of water, our forces can be expected to carry equipment for water harvesting instead. This will allow a once non-drinkable river, creek, or canal to become potable.

If all that water isn’t a load off of someone’s back (or the government’s wallet), several pounds of batteries replaced by a mere 3-pound solar panel should be. Check out what else the Marine Corps has in store. Brigadier General Kevin Nally, Chief Information Officer of the USMC, continues with in-depth solutions for saving on fuel consumption, advances on uniforms, and how they’re saving more lives.

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