From Idea Festival to Forever Curious – Innovation for our Future!

We’ve just returned home from our first Idea Festival experience, and what a trip! We had no idea what to expect at first, but immediate love was felt from people both at the festival and the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

For those that are unaware, Idea Festival is an event where innovators across all disciplines can come together to celebrate and share bold ideas. During the four-day event, presenters tell their stories and connect to each and everyone in the audience. It’s a really great place to just converge ideas, and get to know other people who are out there trying to change the world.

The energy at Idea Festival nearly mimicked that of a high school pep rally. As presenters from the CTO of the U.S. under President Obama, to the founder of SHE, a company that creates affordable menstrual pads for woman of Africa made of banana leaf shavings, pepped the crowd with their passionate presentations. What a rejuvenating feeling! It’s not every day that you get to surround yourself by such spirit and pizazz.

Connections were endless — from strangers on a shuttle bus, to an evening event, to people sitting next to us at a swanky restaurant. It seemed just telling our own story was key, and the synchronicity would begin the conversation.

Idea Festival was such a fabulous way to connect, network, and share the word about sustainability to others. By expanding minds, we hope we were able to make an impact and a more fulfilling experience for many here on the planet. We learned a lot from this experience, but we know learning is a life-long journey. Although Idea Festival has come to an end, our minds are inspired, and our impact has just begun; we are forever curious.

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