CEO Ceres, Mindy Lubber – Improve your Planet, Improve your Health

Ceres is a nonprofit organization leading organizations and investors to address sustainable issues around the globe. With a primary focus in climate change and water scarcity, Ceres shares their recommendations on how we can work together in creating more jobs and a more sustainable planet.

Regulation is an idea Ceres feels strongly about. Putting a cost and limit on carbon emissions would not only make for a cleaner planet, but would provide green jobs. Sure, this would put a small percentage of the population with ‘dirty jobs’ out of work, but the growth would be significant enough to accommodate, according to Mindy Lubber, President of Ceres. 

Transportation is another issue Ceres is driving to change. Carol Lee Rawn and Dr. Rodger Bedek inform us of how transportation is the fastest-growing source of carbon emissions, and that $1billion is leaving the country every day to meet our oil demands. If people and organizations can support and invest in the Clean Fuel Standard, we can drastically reduce this dependability.

A huge thanks goes out to the Ceres team for taking action at such a large level. Join them in our podcast below to discover what other recommendations Ceres has for improving the planet and our health through day-to-day practices.

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