Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project & “24 HOURS OF REALITY”: Maggie Fox & Project Director, Sabrina Gowden & Alec Loorz, 17 year old Founder of iMatter March and Kids vs. Global Warming

People under the age of 18 make up almost 30% of today’s population. 

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and iMatter March reach around the globe for leaders young and old, seeking everyday people to get involved in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and changing our mindset of every day living.

Maggie Fox, President and CEO of Climate Reality Project, rejoins us on the show to give us an update on some exciting news. They recently held 24 Hours of Reality, a worldwide event to present the reality of the climate crisis. The event had an incredible turnout, with 8.6 million people tuning into the event. You can check out the video at Sabrina Cowden, Program Director of Climate Reality Project, has her first Radio Green Talk experience, sharing her excitement for their recent event and where they’re headed. Not only are they working on creating leaders around the globe, but they’re putting a ton of effort into giving middle and high school students the opportunity to be a part of something big. A fine example of a young leader on the loose is Alec Loorz, founder of iMatter March and Kids vs Global Warming. Protecting the planet since the age of 12, Alec believes the climate change movement needs to be lead by the youth in order to protect the planet. Alec talks to us about the progress of his lawsuit against the government, and what we need to do for a healthier tomorrow.

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