Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project & “24 HOURS OF REALITY”: Maggie Fox & Project Director, Sabrina Gowden & Alec Loorz, 17 year old Founder of iMatter March and Kids vs. Global Warming

People under the age of 18 make up almost 30% of today’s population. 

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and iMatter March reach around the globe for leaders young and old, seeking everyday people to get involved in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and changing our mindset of every day living.

Maggie Fox, President and CEO of Climate Reality Project, rejoins us on the show to give us an update on some exciting news. They recently held 24 Hours of Reality, a worldwide event to present the reality of the climate crisis. The event had an incredible turnout, with 8.6 million people tuning into the event. You can check out the video at Sabrina Cowden, Program Director of Climate Reality Project, has her first Radio Green Talk experience, sharing her excitement for their recent event and where they’re headed. Not only are they working on creating leaders around the globe, but they’re putting a ton of effort into giving middle and high school students the opportunity to be a part of something big. A fine example of a young leader on the loose is Alec Loorz, founder of iMatter March and Kids vs Global Warming. Protecting the planet since the age of 12, Alec believes the climate change movement needs to be lead by the youth in order to protect the planet. Alec talks to us about the progress of his lawsuit against the government, and what we need to do for a healthier tomorrow.

Human Sustainability with Elin Stebbins Waldal & Tim Donaghy

Everyone makes mistakes. But whether we’re naive, or decide to make poor decisions, good can come from one’s failures — and we have two stories this week that prove just that. With a focus on bringing awareness to dating violence, Elin Stebbins Waldal, founder of Girls No More and author of Tornado Warning, transforms her abusive experiences into awareness for kids and parents. Additionally, Tim Donaghy, shares the result of mixing gambling with organized crime.

Elin knows the effects first-hand that an abusive relationship can put on someone. Therefore, she felt inspired to use her experience in creating a program called Girls No More, and writing the book, Tornado Warning, to help put an end dating violence. By bringing this awareness to both men and women, Elin hopes to provide the ability to recognize signs of abuse, and reduce it at an early age to prevent things from going out of hand

Tim Donaghy was an NBA referee who loved the rush of being on the courts with star players, and having all eyes on him when making the calls.  Unfortunately, his addiction to gambling got him into some trouble with both the FBI and organized crime members after regularly giving inside game information to his friend. Hindsight is 20-20, and he wants people to realize they have the power of choice. The choices you make affect not only you, but everyone around you.

These are two really great stories taking the positive out of their personal mistakes and misfortunes. They both hope to improve human sustainability by providing tools and information to help with a healthy physical and emotional lifestyle.

From Idea Festival to Forever Curious – Innovation for our Future!

We’ve just returned home from our first Idea Festival experience, and what a trip! We had no idea what to expect at first, but immediate love was felt from people both at the festival and the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

For those that are unaware, Idea Festival is an event where innovators across all disciplines can come together to celebrate and share bold ideas. During the four-day event, presenters tell their stories and connect to each and everyone in the audience. It’s a really great place to just converge ideas, and get to know other people who are out there trying to change the world.

The energy at Idea Festival nearly mimicked that of a high school pep rally. As presenters from the CTO of the U.S. under President Obama, to the founder of SHE, a company that creates affordable menstrual pads for woman of Africa made of banana leaf shavings, pepped the crowd with their passionate presentations. What a rejuvenating feeling! It’s not every day that you get to surround yourself by such spirit and pizazz.

Connections were endless — from strangers on a shuttle bus, to an evening event, to people sitting next to us at a swanky restaurant. It seemed just telling our own story was key, and the synchronicity would begin the conversation.

Idea Festival was such a fabulous way to connect, network, and share the word about sustainability to others. By expanding minds, we hope we were able to make an impact and a more fulfilling experience for many here on the planet. We learned a lot from this experience, but we know learning is a life-long journey. Although Idea Festival has come to an end, our minds are inspired, and our impact has just begun; we are forever curious.

CEO Ceres, Mindy Lubber – Improve your Planet, Improve your Health

Ceres is a nonprofit organization leading organizations and investors to address sustainable issues around the globe. With a primary focus in climate change and water scarcity, Ceres shares their recommendations on how we can work together in creating more jobs and a more sustainable planet.

Regulation is an idea Ceres feels strongly about. Putting a cost and limit on carbon emissions would not only make for a cleaner planet, but would provide green jobs. Sure, this would put a small percentage of the population with ‘dirty jobs’ out of work, but the growth would be significant enough to accommodate, according to Mindy Lubber, President of Ceres. 

Transportation is another issue Ceres is driving to change. Carol Lee Rawn and Dr. Rodger Bedek inform us of how transportation is the fastest-growing source of carbon emissions, and that $1billion is leaving the country every day to meet our oil demands. If people and organizations can support and invest in the Clean Fuel Standard, we can drastically reduce this dependability.

A huge thanks goes out to the Ceres team for taking action at such a large level. Join them in our podcast below to discover what other recommendations Ceres has for improving the planet and our health through day-to-day practices.

U.S. Marines – Fidelis to the Frontline

Our typical troop can be expected to carry 120 pounds of equipment on a regular basis — 120 pounds of food, water, and energy sources such as fuel and batteries. Brigadier General Kevin Nally, Chief Information Officer of the USMC, discusses the Marine Corps’s plan for using sustainable options for those on the frontline.

Looking to lessen the 120-pound load, the Marines are going green. Instead of carrying jugs of water, our forces can be expected to carry equipment for water harvesting instead. This will allow a once non-drinkable river, creek, or canal to become potable.

If all that water isn’t a load off of someone’s back (or the government’s wallet), several pounds of batteries replaced by a mere 3-pound solar panel should be. Check out what else the Marine Corps has in store. Brigadier General Kevin Nally, Chief Information Officer of the USMC, continues with in-depth solutions for saving on fuel consumption, advances on uniforms, and how they’re saving more lives.