BASF Drives Chemistry to a Green Level

Hybrid vehicles have been a popular choice by penny pinchers and green enthusiasts for well over a decade now. Well, technology doesn’t stop at 70mpg.

BASF is taking transportation and mobility to a whole new level. From the battery that keeps the electricity flowing, to the cloth beneath your bottom, BASF is doing a complete materials makeover. A few examples of what they’re improving:

  • reducing weight through new plastics
  • organic light emitting diodes
  • first-ever 100% plastic wheel (yes, really)

With safety being the company’s #1 priority, they assure their materials are meeting the highest of safety requirements. We’re really excited for BASF’s investment in this area. It warms my heart seeing recycled materials, reduced gas consumption, and technological advancements coming together for such innovative solutions.

It doesn’t stop there! BASF shares a great conversation on reducing millions of pounds of emissions with a new method of creating concrete. Additionally,  find out how they’re working with the Seattle Mariners to collect waste. This and so much more on how chemistry is saving the planet in our podcast below. 


Charlene Wall (left) leads BASF’s North American sustainability outreach, finding new ways to bring value through technology solutions. Pat Meyer (right) is BASF’s Product Stewardship Specialist, supporting the safe use and sustainability of plastics. And together, they’re achieving great things for our planet.

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