Wakan Tanka and Eco-Warrior Ride the Wave to Education

Margery Moore is bridging the gap of our youth and elders through film. Margery is the filmmaker of Wakan Tanka, a film helping to spread the wisdom of our elders to the future generations for a more sustainable planet. Wakan Tanka is a commitment to change. This film gives the people who have seen the problems on the planet for a lifetime the power to give direction to what we can do hand in hand with our next generation. The film is scheduled to be releases in February 2012, but you can already check out their trailer here.

Surf’s up! Professional surfer and Eco Warrior, James Pribram, is dedicated to clean sand and waves. A life-threatening staph infection was a wake-up call big enough for James Pribram to switch his focus from his professional surfing career to becoming an ocean activist, because “what good is the beach if we can’t enjoy the ocean?” This surfer believes that if everyone can take just one small step for a better planet, we can really make a difference. By co-founding Eco Warrior, James is showing his commitment to protecting oceans, beaches, and sea life worldwide. Much like Margery Moore of Wakan Tanka, Jamers believes sustainability starts with education, frequently working with school children in helping them become active in their community.

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