It’s Pacha’s Pajamas; Tell Yo’ Mama

Everyone can relate to music. And Aaron Ableman, chief founder of Balanace Edutainment, is reaching children all around the globe through song. His current work is called Pacha’s Pajamas, a show rooted by nature for nature. The main character, Pacha, was inspired by your everyday child — someone with big dreams, and a big heart. Pacha’s Pajamas is about a little girl who dreams of nature, and uniting animals around the globe in creating the world’s largest music festival. This show represents what children around the world dream of becoming, while providing awareness for the environment.

Aaron isn’t spreading this message alone. He is empowering children, and giving them a voice, by allowing them to get on stage with him! While he has already made some large performances, his ultimate dream is to give a stadium show. Pacha’s Pajamas is inspiring cultures everywhere to embrace our ecological challenges, and make a difference. Take a listen to our podcast for some great message-filled music, and find out what else this eco-musician is up to.

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