Eco-Dentistry Brightens Smiles & the Future

with Ina & Dr. Fred Pockrass of Eco-Dentistry Association

What started as a love story quickly turned into well-established eco-dentistry association. Together, Ina and Dr. Fred Pockrass created the first green dental practice in the country, and are now spreading their green techniques to dentists around the globe.

Fred has always had a commitment to innovation, technology, and being green. He envisions patient-focused dental care that is also respectful to the earth. You won’t find toxic fumes, x-ray foils, or even paper in Dr. Fred’s office. His paperless practice and digital x-rays are only a couple examples of his commitment to the planet.

How can you help? Other than supporting our eco-dentistry offices, try a toothbrush made of recycled plastic! Preserve recycles yogurt cups into toothbrush handles so you can be a part of creating a more sustainable planet. Getting your hands on a recycled toothbrush is one small step you can take in support of eco-dentistry; listen to what Ina and Dr. Fred are doing to push this movement forward through our podcast below.

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