American Water – Clean Water from Clean Solutions

with Jeff Sterba, CEO of American Water, and Debra Vernon, VP of Corporate Responsibility

We expect crystal-clear water every morning at the turn of a handle. And with vast oceans, miles of rivers, and rain constantly falling from the sky, is there really a water crisis? Jeff Sterba, CEO of American Water, the largest publicly traded water utility in the nation, along with VP of Corporate Responsibility, Debra Vernon, join Radio Green Talk to discuss the water problems we’re all currently living through.

American Water serves drinking water and wastewater services to over 15 million people across the nation.

  • Of all the drinking water provided, only 1% of it is ever ingested.
  • Water industries alone use 4% of the nation’s electricity to pump and clean water.
  • About 7000 Olympic-sized swimming pools can be filled from water escaping leaking pipes every single day.
These are only a handful of problems American Water is working to solve. It’s easy to neglect problems that pass by so unnoticeably, but we are fortunate to have over 7000 workers taking the next steps in creating a more sustainable planet without the sacrifice of quality water. American Water is inspired by the opportunity to engage, motivate, and enable people all over the nation. Join our interview with them to learn more about the problems we’re facing, and the solutions of the future.

Jeff Sterba, CEO of American Water  Debra Vernon, VP of Corporate Responsibility

It’s Pacha’s Pajamas; Tell Yo’ Mama

Everyone can relate to music. And Aaron Ableman, chief founder of Balanace Edutainment, is reaching children all around the globe through song. His current work is called Pacha’s Pajamas, a show rooted by nature for nature. The main character, Pacha, was inspired by your everyday child — someone with big dreams, and a big heart. Pacha’s Pajamas is about a little girl who dreams of nature, and uniting animals around the globe in creating the world’s largest music festival. This show represents what children around the world dream of becoming, while providing awareness for the environment.

Aaron isn’t spreading this message alone. He is empowering children, and giving them a voice, by allowing them to get on stage with him! While he has already made some large performances, his ultimate dream is to give a stadium show. Pacha’s Pajamas is inspiring cultures everywhere to embrace our ecological challenges, and make a difference. Take a listen to our podcast for some great message-filled music, and find out what else this eco-musician is up to.

Wakan Tanka and Eco-Warrior Ride the Wave to Education

Margery Moore is bridging the gap of our youth and elders through film. Margery is the filmmaker of Wakan Tanka, a film helping to spread the wisdom of our elders to the future generations for a more sustainable planet. Wakan Tanka is a commitment to change. This film gives the people who have seen the problems on the planet for a lifetime the power to give direction to what we can do hand in hand with our next generation. The film is scheduled to be releases in February 2012, but you can already check out their trailer here.

Surf’s up! Professional surfer and Eco Warrior, James Pribram, is dedicated to clean sand and waves. A life-threatening staph infection was a wake-up call big enough for James Pribram to switch his focus from his professional surfing career to becoming an ocean activist, because “what good is the beach if we can’t enjoy the ocean?” This surfer believes that if everyone can take just one small step for a better planet, we can really make a difference. By co-founding Eco Warrior, James is showing his commitment to protecting oceans, beaches, and sea life worldwide. Much like Margery Moore of Wakan Tanka, Jamers believes sustainability starts with education, frequently working with school children in helping them become active in their community.

Eco-Dentistry Brightens Smiles & the Future

with Ina & Dr. Fred Pockrass of Eco-Dentistry Association

What started as a love story quickly turned into well-established eco-dentistry association. Together, Ina and Dr. Fred Pockrass created the first green dental practice in the country, and are now spreading their green techniques to dentists around the globe.

Fred has always had a commitment to innovation, technology, and being green. He envisions patient-focused dental care that is also respectful to the earth. You won’t find toxic fumes, x-ray foils, or even paper in Dr. Fred’s office. His paperless practice and digital x-rays are only a couple examples of his commitment to the planet.

How can you help? Other than supporting our eco-dentistry offices, try a toothbrush made of recycled plastic! Preserve recycles yogurt cups into toothbrush handles so you can be a part of creating a more sustainable planet. Getting your hands on a recycled toothbrush is one small step you can take in support of eco-dentistry; listen to what Ina and Dr. Fred are doing to push this movement forward through our podcast below.

GSA Goes Green to Save Green

with Nancy Gillis of the United States GSA

The General Services Administration (GSA) is going green while helping American taxpayers save some green. Nancy Gillis is the director of GSA’s federal supply chain emissions program management office, helping government agencies make purchases from green suppliers.

It’s no secret that reducing waste and energy usage lowers operating costs. But when you’re handling almost $100 billion dollars in transactions every year, every sustainable process needs to be as energy-efficient as possible in order to make the biggest for our planet; this is where the GSA steps in.

The GSA is creating a greener government. They put their focus into small, innovative businesses, which will make the biggest impact in the long term. Join Nancy in the explanation of her role of creating a sustainable planet, including some really high-tech solutions about buildings that know your location, and heat and cool rooms you’re using accordingly!