EarthTec & Children’s Museum of NH Weave Plastic into the Future

with Dennis Randall of EarthTec and Justine Roberts of the Children’s Museum of NH

You know the saying, “teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. Well, EarthTec and the Children’s Museum of New Hampshire are partnering up and taking this proverb to heart by strengthening our communities and future generations. The Children’s Museum focuses on building skills for creative thinking and reinvention so our future generation will have the skills they need to continue protecting our planet through innovative solutions.

If anyone epitomizes innovative solutions, it’s EarthTec. EarthTec is weaving apparel through sustainable materials, including recycled water bottles!

The Children’s Museum holds an annual road race. With over 1000 participants, the event goes through several used plastic bottles to keep the runners hydrated. These bottles now get sent to EarthTec and are weaved into race shirts for the following year!

By working together, these companies are giving children and communities a sense of responsibility and feeling of empowerment through their engagement in change. Thanks to EarthTec and the Children’s Museum of NH, more people are making a conscious effort to take a small part in recycling, and realizing the place they live in is an important place to invest in.

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